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"Make your ways known to me, Lord; teach me Your paths." Psalm 25:4

A Ramblin' Road Trip™
Ramblin' Road Trip departed daily at 6:00 p.m., August 1-5, 2005. Free for all children from pre-K to 6th grade

Road Trip Music: now available from the Lifeway web site. Under the Music heading, click on the song you want to play.

Road trip destinations

Trip Dates: August 1-5, 6:00-8:30 p.m.

The Hillside Tour Guides planned a fun, make-believe, road trip for this summer's Vacation Bible School. As we got closer to August 1, we started packing our bags and dreaming about cruising down the open road.

Road Trip Destinations

As they traveled across the country on the Ramblin' Road Trip, the children discovered that the choices they made every day affected their journey. By choosing God as your guide, they would be sure that they would reach their ultimate destination: a relationship with Jesus!

Here are the places we visited along the trip.

  • Monday, Route 1
    Destination: Worship
    Locale: Washington, DC.
    Guide Book: Journey to the King, Matthew 2:1-5

  • Tuesday, Route 2
    Destination: Thankfulness
    Locale: Chicago, Illinois
    Guide Book: Where Were the Nine?, Luke 17:11-18
  • Wednesday, Route 3
    Destination: Salvation
    Locale: Lebanon, Kansas (the geographical center of the country)
    Guide Book: The Road to Salvation, Matthew 26:36-42, 27:33-50, 28:1-10
  • Thursday, Route 4
    Destination: Belief
    Locale: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
    Guide Book: Believe It!, John 20:19-31
  • Friday, Route 5
    Destination: Obedience
    Locale: Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, California
    Guide Book: Choices on the Open Road, Acts 8:26-38
Closing Rally

Parents were invited to attend the closing rally on Sunday morning, August 7. The children performed their favorite song from the week, entitled "Raise Some Praise," also know as the aye-ee-aye song.

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