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"Come, you children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD." Psalm 34:11

The Great Kingdom Caper - Cracking the Character Code™
VBS 2003 Photo Gallery

VBS 2003 logoThe Great Kingdom Caper - Cracking the Character Code was our 2003 Vacation Bible School and about 40 children ages 3-11 were registered.

Hillside held its adventure on June 23-27. We investigated amazing Bible stories, play action-packed games, create fun crafts, learn great new songs and choreographed action moves, enjoy jolly good snacks, and much more! Despite the heat wave that insisted on joining us for the week, the kids had lots of fun and learned a lot, and we had fun working with the kids (and lost a few pounds to boot!).

The Locale

VBS 2003 promoWe traveled the vibrant streets of London on an intriguing mission to crack the elusive Character Code as sleuths (AKA the children) and inspectors (AKA the adult leaders) solved The Great Kingdom Caper. This caper was an exciting and engaging escapade filled with twists, turns, and surprises.

VBS 2003 magnifierOur trained group of excellent inspectors led sleuths on an investigation that the children were glad they did not miss. Sleuths were on special assignment to investigate and uncover clues to the Character Code and ultimately discovered how to live with Christian character.

The Case Load

Here are the cases that we investigated during the week along with the clues that we started with.

  • Day 1 - File 001: The Case of the Unwavering Widow.
    Clues: Ruth 1-2
  • Day 2 - File 002: The Case of the Crucial Choice.
    Clues: Genesis 13
  • Day 3 - File 003: The Case of the Stolen Wells.
    Clues: Genesis 26:12-33
  • Day 4 - File 004: The Case of the Missing Body.
    Clues: John 19:17-20:18
  • Day 5 - File 005: The Case of the Runaway Servant.
    Clues: Philemon

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