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2019 Sermons

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"And as you go, preach, saying, 'The kingdom of heaven is at hand.'" Matt. 10:7

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The following sermons were recorded at Hillside Baptist Church during the Year of Our Lord, 2019. They are presented here for anyone who may have missed a live sermon and for anyone seeking to better understand God's Word on a specific topic.

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Except where noted all sermons were presented by Dr. Jim Robertson.

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June 9, 2019 "Pastoral Epistles 21: Encouragement to Be Faithful in Our Service to Christ" – 2 Timothy 2:1-13
In this passage, Paul gave four encouraging phrases to Timothy.   Sermon outline
June 2, 2019 "Pastoral Epistles 20: A Proud Faith in Jesus Christ and His Servants" – 2 Timothy 1:8-18
Paul urged Timothy to proudly show his faith in Christ and in His servants who were suffering for the gospel.   Sermon outline
May 26, 2019 "Pastoral Epistles 19: Placing Our Christian Hope in the Next Generation" – 2 Timothy 1:2-7
Paul, in his final days, expressed his concerns to Timothy about the future of the early churches.   Sermon outline
May 19, 2019 "Pastoral Epistles 18: Saved for a Purpose" – Titus 3:1-15
Although we have been redeemed by God, we need to be subject to ruling authorities and to "engage in good deeds to meet pressing needs."   Sermon outline
May 12, 2019 "Pastoral Epistles 17: Living an Intentional Christian Life" – Titus 2:1-15
Paul instructed six categories of people about intentional Christian living.   Sermon outline
May 5, 2019 "Pastoral Epistles 16: Timely Reminders for the Servant of God" – Titus 1:1-16
Paul gave Titus several reminders that, as his representative on Crete, he needed to complete the work that Paul started.
Sermon outline
Apr. 28, 2019 "Do You Know and Understand the Lord?" – Jeremiah 9:12-24
God punishes His people when they fail to obey His word, but He forgives those who repent and delight in the Lord.   Sermon outline
Apr. 21, 2019 "Embracing the Plan of Redemption 3: Accepting Jesus Christ as Savior" – Luke 23:26-24:53
There were numerous eyewitnesses in addition to the disciples who testified to Jesus' death and resurrection.   Sermon outline
Apr. 14, 2019 "Embracing the Plan of Redemption 2: Enduring the Mockery of Ignorant Men" – Luke 22:54-23:25
Although fairness and justice may be hard to attain, as Christians we know that God is always in control.
Sermon outline
Apr. 7, 2019 "Embracing the Plan of Redemption 1: Accepting Known Events with Patience" – Luke 22:1-53
On the night before His death on the cross, Jesus shared the Passover meal with the disciples and went to Gethsemane to pray.   Sermon outline
Mar. 31, 2019 "Pastoral Epistles 15: Final Words of Instruction" –
1 Timothy 6:17-21
Paul ended his first letter to Timothy with instructions from which we can also benefit.   Sermon outline
Mar. 24, 2019 "Pastoral Epistles 14: Contending for the Faith" – 1 Timothy 6:11-16
Paul gave Timothy several commands to instruct him in righteous living.   Sermon outline
Mar. 17, 2019 "The Fruit of the Spirit Is Joy" – John 16:20-24
There is a difference between happiness and joy.   
Sermon by Pastor Al Page   Sermon outline
Mar. 10, 2019 "Pastoral Epistles 13: More Characteristics of False Teachers" – 1 Timothy 6:2b-10
In contrast to his teaching of Christian principles, Paul here explains several characteristics of false teachers.   
Sermon outline
Mar. 3, 2019 "The Fruit of the Spirit Is Love" – Matt. 22:34-40
God gave us His love in the form of Jesus Christ.   
Sermon by Pastor Al Page   Sermon outline
Feb. 24, 2019 "Pastoral Epistles 12: Enduring Difficulty for the Name of God and for the Sake of the Church" – 1 Timothy 6:1-2a
Paul spoke of slavery as an economic institution that believers could change from within.   Sermon outline
Feb 17, 2019 "Pastoral Epistles 11: The Work of an Elder" – 1 TImothy 5:17-25
An elder has several responsibilities.   Sermon outline
Feb. 10, 2019 "Pastoral Epistles 10: Proper Decorum in the Church" – 1 Timothy 5:1-16
There are three ways that church members should act toward one another.   Sermon outline
Feb. 3, 2019 "Pastoral Epistles 9: Expectations of a Godly Leader" – 1 Timothy 4:6-16
A Godly teacher exhibits several important traits.   Sermon outline
Jan. 27, 2019 "Pastoral Epistles 8: Staying Strong in the Faith" – 1 Timothy 4:1-5
There are two ways to stay strong in our Christian walk.   Sermon outline
Jan. 20, 2019 Services canceled due to snowstorm. speaker
Jan. 13, 2019 "Pastoral Epistles 7: The Church of the Living God" – 1 Timothy 3:14-16    The church has three important functions that focus on the worship of Christ.   Sermon outline speaker
Jan. 6, 2019 "Pastoral Epistles 6: The Qualifications of Deacons" – 1 Timothy 3:8-13    Paul descibes four important qualifications for a deacon.   Sermon outline speaker

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