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2008 Sermons

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"And as you go, preach, saying, 'The kingdom of heaven is at hand.'" Matt. 10:7

The following sermons were recorded at Hillside Baptist Church during 2008. They are presented here for anyone who may have missed the live sermon and for anyone seeking to better understand God's Word on a specific topic.

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Except where noted all sermons were presented by Pastor Jim Robertson.

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Dec. 28, 2008 "The Steps of the Star" – Matthew 2:1-23
Consider these three steps: 1) the prophesy of the star, 2) the controversy accompanying the star, and 3) the safety of the star.
Sermon by Pastor Al Page.
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Dec. 21, 2008 Sunday Services canceled due to a snowstorm. --- ---
Dec. 14, 2008 "Moved by the Holy Spirit" – Luke 1:39-56
The Spirit of God moved in a mighty way upon two women in a small village in ancient Israel.
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Dec. 7, 2008 "The Reason for the Season" – Luke 1:26-38
Contrary to popular culture, Christmas is not about Santa, toys, or giving and getting gifts.
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Nov. 30, 2008 "Christian Thanksgiving, Part 4" – 2nd Thess., 1st Tim., 2nd Tim.
In these passages, Paul showed his thankfulness to God in three ways.
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Nov. 23, 2008 "Christian Thanksgiving, Part 3" – Col. 1:1-6, 1 Thess. 1:1-10, 2:13
Paul was grateful for the faith, hope, and love for other believers that he saw in the people he wrote to.
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Nov. 16, 2008 "Christian Thanksgiving, Part 2" – 2 Cor. 1:8-11, 9:6-15, Eph. 1:15-19a, 5:15-21, Phil. 1:1-6
We have a lot to be thankful for, but how about the intangible aspects of our Christian faith?
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Nov. 9, 2008 "Christian Thanksgiving, Part 1" – Rom. 1:8, 6:17-18, 16:3-4, 1 Cor. 1:4-9, 1Cor. 15:54-57
Paul described five reasons why he thanked God. Can we do the same?
Note: The first 12 minutes were accidentally recorded at a low volume.
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Nov. 2, 2008 "The Tower of Babel" – Gen. 11:1-9
The people tried to build a huge tower to impress the world and God. Does that sound like us today?
No recording available.
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Oct. 26, 2008 "God Is Patient" – Jonah 4:1-11
Often we are impatient with God, as Jonah was. Not so with God.
Note: Several points were adapted from Frank S. Page's New American Commentary series.
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Oct. 19, 2008 "God Is Merciful" – Jonah 3:1-10
God exhibits mercy on those who truly need a second chance.
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Oct. 12, 2008 "What Does the Lord Require of You?" – Micah 6:6-8
God's Word clearly explains what God expects of His people. Sermon by Doug Smith, seminary student from Tennessee.
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Oct. 5, 2008 "God's Loving Discipline" – Jonah 1:17-2:10
God disciplines us when we fall short of the mark.
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Sept. 28, 2008 "Learning Obedience Through Disobedience" – Jonah 1:1-17
When we disobey God, we miss opportunities to witness to non-believers.
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Sept. 21, 2008 "God Has Absolute Control" – Gen. 20:1-18
God has a purpose for everyone but sometimes we think we have a better idea. Sermon by Pastor Al Page.
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Sept. 14, 2008 "Parables for Life XXII: Commands for the Christian Walk" – Luke 21:5-38
Jesus gave several commands that tell us how to live and prepare for His Second Coming.
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Sept. 7, 2008 "Parables for Life XXI: The Character of a Christian" – Luke 20:9-19
The vinegrower renters rebelled against the vineyard owner when he came to collect his share of the harvest. How would we react?
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Aug. 31, 2008 "Parables for Life XX: The Lord Rewards His Faithful" – Luke 19:11-27
Don't pass up opportunities to use your gifts to serve God.
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Aug. 24, 2008 "Parables for Life XIX: Only God Justifies the Humble" – Luke 18:9-14
God knows the hearts of people. He will exalt the humble and humble the proud.
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Aug. 17, 2008 "Parables for Life XVIII: How Christians Ought to Pray" – Luke 18:1-8
Like the persistent widow, we must pray with persistence and not lose heart.
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Aug. 10, 2008 "Parables for Life XVII: The Attitude of the Christian" – Luke 17:1-10
The right attitude is everything for the Christian.
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Aug. 3, 2008 "Parables for Life XVI: One's Heart Condition" – Luke 16:13-31
Are we like the self-absorbed rich man who ignored God only to suffer eternal torment in the after life?
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Jul. 27, 2008 "Is the Bible Important to You?" – Psalm 19
Does it have your attention when it comes to living in obedience to God? Sermon by guest preacher, Robert Kruger.
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Jul. 20, 2008 "Parables for Life XV: Lessons to Be Remembered" – Luke 16:1-18
Don't think that God will change what He says in the Bible just because we don't agree.
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Jul. 13, 2008 "Parables for Life XIV: Parables of the Lost" – Luke 15:1-31
An interesting progression of parables: one lost sheep out of 100, one lost coin out of ten, and one lost son out of two.
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Jul. 6, 2008 "Parables for Life XIII: What It Takes to Be An Effective Disciple" – Luke 14:25-35
A disciple must be willing to put Jesus above all else, sacrifice everything if needed, and make a lasting commitment.
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Jun. 29, 2008 "Parables for Life XII: God's Invitation Reveals the Condition of Your Heart" – Luke 14:12-24
A parable about a great banquet where all the invited guests made excuses for not attending.
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Jun. 22, 2008 "Parables for Life XI: A Heaping Helping of Character Coming Up" – Luke 14:1-11
A story about parables that Jesus told at a dinner with some Pharisees and lawyers.
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Jun. 15, 2008 "Parables for Life X: Was Jesus Narrow-minded?" – Luke 13:22-30
Strive for a place in the kingdom of God. Don't reject Jesus and get shut out.
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Jun. 8, 2008 "Parables for Life IX: Small Beginnings" – Luke 13:10-21
About things that start out small but increase in size, like the mustard seed, the leaven in the flour, and the Kingdom of God.
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Jun. 1, 2008 "Parables for Life VIII: Being Fruity for Christ" – Luke 13:1-9
The question in the parable of the fruitless fig tree is: Should it be cut down now or given another chance to bear fruit?
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May 25, 2008 "Parables for Life VII: Are You Expecting The Unexpected?" – Luke 12:35-48
Even though the date is unknown, Jesus wants us to be ready for His return.
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May 18, 2008 "What does it take to be a disciple of Jesus Christ?" – John 13:31-38
To be a true disciple, we need a loyalty, a willingness to learn, an ability to love, and a longing directed toward Jesus. Sermon by Pastor Al Page
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May 11, 2008 "Parables for Life VI: Do You Have an Identity Problem?" – Luke 12:13-34
Are we letting other people or letting Jesus tell us what we ought to be doing?
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May 4, 2008 "Parables for Life V: Have You Already Given Up?" – Luke 11:1-13
Have you given up on your daily prayers? Jesus tells us to keep on praying with persistence.
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Apr. 27, 2008 "Parables for Life IV: Justifiably Sinful" –
Luke 10:25-37
Should we try to justify sinful behavior before God?
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Apr. 20, 2008 "Parables for Life III: I've Got Some Real Dirt for You" – Luke 8:4-15
Road dirt, rocky dirt, thorny dirt, and good dirt
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Apr. 13, 2008 No recording available    
Apr. 6, 2008 "Parables for Life I: Are You Hard-Headed Or Soft in the Head?" – Luke 6:46-49
Are we listening to Jesus and putting His words into practice?
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Mar. 30, 2008 No recording available    
Mar. 23, 2008 No recording available    
Mar. 16, 2008 No recording available    
Mar. 9, 2008 "On the Road to the Cross, Part 3" – Mark 10:32-45
Unlike the laws of the toddler, selflessness is a must for a disciple of Jesus Christ.
Note: Recording exhibits a slight background hum.
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Mar. 2, 2008 "On the Road to the Cross, Part 2" – Mark 9:30-37
What it means to be a disciple.
Note: recorded volume is very low
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