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Pembroke, NH

"Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ" Ephesians 1:2

People to Contact

You can use our feedback form (click on "A Little Feedback") for general help. If you prefer to contact someone directly, please use one of the following addresses. (Copy one and compress it into an actual address.)

  • Contact one of our pastors for spiritual and personal matters.

    Pastor Jim Robertson   jrhillside @ comcast dot net
    Pastor Al Pageaphillside @ comcast dot net

  • Contact our Publicity Coordinator for information about Hillside meetings and events.

    Michael Frascinella   mfrascinella @ comcast dot net

  • Contact our webmaster for questions or comments about the web site.

    Michael Frascinella   mfrascinella @ comcast dot net

Send e-mail

Click on the "Send e-mail" link to open an e-mail window. Copy an e-mail address from the preceding list (remove the spaces and change "dot net" to .net – that is an anti-spam measure), and write your comments or questions.

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