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"Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to God the things that are God's." Matthew 22:21

Prepare for the 2016 Election Season

Please start paying attention to the candidates who are vying for your attention for the 2016 elections, and especially keep up on the issues that affect all of us like unemployment, jobs, rising prices, the war on terrorists, the sanctity of marriage and the unborn, health care reform, alcohol and drug abuse, and others.

Look for those candidates who:

  • Promote and defend Christian values like faith and hope in God
  • Promote freedom to worship and pray (and not just in church)
  • Believe in the sanctity of marriage as God ordained it
  • Defend the value of innocent life whether born or yet to be born (with actions and not just lip service)
  • Serve the needs of others without motivation by personal gain

We need to continue to support those in government who confront the shifting political winds, expose self-serving hidden agendas, and challenge government incompetence, inefficiency, or intrusiveness. Those outside of a Judeo-Christian world view know they can't win unless they discourage people like you from voting. Stay informed and motivated and be sure to support the candidates who most closely share your values.

For some clarification as to what a pastor and members of a church can do in the political arena, read the Constitutional Protections for Pastors on the Concerned Women for America (CWA) web site.

Contact Your Government Officials

Click on the following button to locate the federal or state officials to contact for various national or local issues.

Vote NH

Find Your State Senator and State Representative

The New Hampshire Government web site provides these links to help you find out who represents you in the NH General Court. You can also find their voting record and information about the status of bills that have been considered this year or earlier.

 ➤ State Representative

 ➤ State Senator

View the Ballot for Allenstown

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